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Mattie Tiegreen - Green Tie Studio - Graphic and Website Design Portland

Meet the designer
Mattie Tiegreen

Yep, just like like a green tie.

Who I am

Born in Atlanta, living the dream in Portland. The south raised me well but after several decades, my love of mountains and modern design brought me West and I still can’t believe it’s really my home.

My creative career began in 2012 as a hobby but grew organically into the real deal. I was teaching middle school and, just for fun, opened an Etsy shop with a jumbled collection of greeting cards. I quickly realized I was on to something. Greeting cards turned into wedding stationery, which turned into custom design, which eventually led me here: designing thoughtful, strategic business branding and websites for talented entrepreneurs. (Hey, that’s you!)

What makes me different

I’m not in the business of making beautiful things for the sake of just making things beautiful. I want your pretty visuals to serve a genuine purpose. My clients tell me that I “just get” them. That’s my job! I strategize by asking the right questions—the ones that challenge you to think big. The ones that will really (yes, really) grow your business.

Values + Mission


As much as I love paint and paper, what I really love is people. I transitioned from stationery to digital design because I much prefer the relational nature of branding over the transactional nature of sales. With me, you’ll be heard, challenged, and emboldened in the process and what we build together will speak volumes.


Though I believe branding is less about a logo and more about communicating your business mission, I know that strong design is critical. Simple is best but love is in the details. I’ll happily spend three days settling on the perfect sans-serif font or nudging a critical line back and forth until it’s just the right fit.


I guarantee that our time together will be genuine, thought-provoking, and FUN. I value punctuality, but also think flexibility is a virtue. I’ll walk you through questions and insecurities to bring to life a style that is uniquely you, and challenge you always so that when we arrive at your final design, you are oh-so-sure that it’s perfect.


Kind Words
  • "I've referred Mattie for branding and web design no less than 50 times. No joke — she's THAT good. I have invested in my business so many times over the years but Mattie remains the best investment I've ever made. Her design brought cohesion to my brand and a professionalism that I couldn't even come close to achieving on my own. She truly elevated my business to a new stature and I've seen incredible growth since hiring her. I would do it 10 times over for these results. I couldn't be happier or recommend her more!
    Rachel Greiman, Green Chair Stories
  • “Branding with Mattie was the best decision we ever made. She truly brought our story to life in a simple, beautiful way. As a non-profit, she made sure our mission was communicated while being thoughtful of our investment the entire time. We would not be who we are without her!”
    Project Apoyo
  • “My favorite part of the re-branding experience with Mattie was her ability to bring the heart of my brand to life. Seeing an email from Mattie was the highlight of my day because I knew I was about to be “wow’d” by her designs. The amount of positive feedback I’ve already received has been overwhelming!"
    - Lauren Miller, Lauren Louise Collective
  • “Working with Mattie on my company’s branding was the single greatest investment I have made into my business so far. Finding a designer who not only draws out the questions you need to be asking yourself about your brand, but also hears your heart and can translate those details into an authentic visual compass is a treasure of which Mattie is supreme.”
    - Marilisa Schachinger, Martel Event
  • “My time with Mattie was so wonderful – she helped me turn my greatest hopes for my business into a clear mission and identity. She coached and encouraged me along the way, which lead to us developing a brand that captured the true spirit of my business. I sincerely could not have done this without her."
    - Taylor Doehrman, Taylor Dawn
  • “Mattie's work is much more than beautiful design. She listened, encouraged, and somehow managed to take all of my ideas and develop a brand that encompassed everything I do. I felt like someone understood my brain and heart for the first time. I knew she would be incredible but I was astounded by the product of our work together."
    - Brittany Viklund, Viklund Made
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