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Green Tie Studio Small Business Branding Design Services Portland OR

Frequently Asked Questions

  •   How will you determine if we're a good fit?
    I want to get to know you! In our introductory call, we’ll talk through your business story, why you do what you do, what’s working well and what isn’t. We’ll also discuss your goals and timeline and make sure our values align. My clients are passionate, innovative, intentional, punctual, relational, and detail-oriented. Most of all, they want a designer who is with them for the long haul - not just for a quick logo.
  •   All I really need is a logo. Can you help me make something simple?
    No, I don't provide simple logo design but am happy to refer you to wonderful designers who do!
  •   I don’t need all of the design items. Can we break the package apart?
    I have very carefully chosen the components of each design package based on what a strong business needs to thrive, so I don’t break apart packages. However, I realize that different business models have different collateral needs so I’m always happy to talk through your specific needs and substitute certain designs for others.
  •   What if we’re not a good fit?
    Your brand is important to me even if I’m not the best person to bring it to life. If I feel we’re not a good fit or am unable to accommodate your timeline, I’ll happily suggest other designers I trust who may be able to take on your project.
  •   How long will the design process take?
    A typical branding/print design project takes between 8 and 10 weeks, depending on the number of revisions. Branding and web design projects take between 3 and 4 months to complete. If you have a specific timeline or deadline you need to meet, please let me know so we can plan accordingly.
  •   If we’re a good fit, what happens next?
    I’ll send you an invitation to your custom client portal where you’ll be able to view your project proposal, contract, invoice, and the branding questionnaires that will guide design.
  •   I already have a logo. Can we work together on a website?
    I very rarely work with existing branding elements because, again, I believe in the process and value the work that goes into design. Your website is just as important as your branding visuals and I want to make sure that your values and mission are clear before we design your home on the web. If you have comprehensive branding already completed that you’d like to build from, reach out and we’ll chat through what’s possible.
  •   What if I need your help with my brand or website after my launch?
    Beginning only one new branding project per month leaves room for ongoing relationships with my existing clients. I offer additional phases of design, retainer work, social media consulting, creative direction, curation, merchandising, interior styling and business mentoring.
  •   Do you offer payment plans?
    A resounding YES. I never want financial worry to be the reason you can’t invest in your business and I’m proud to offer several payment plan options.
  •   Can we start right away?
    I take a limited number of projects per year in order to focus on each individual business and not split time between dozens of projects. This means I’m typically booked out a few months in advance but will happily schedule a call to talk through your timeline.
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